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We hope you make a plan safe.

About Mt. Fuji trails

Normally, Fujinomiya, Subashiri and Gotenba trails opens

You can access Fujinomiya and Subashiri 5th station by car

I personally recommend Fujinomiya trail for the first time climber. Fujinomiya trail is the shortest route to Japan's highest point, Kengamine. And you can descend back to Fujinomiya 5th station by Gotenba trail via Hoei crater. The scenery is simply amazing and you can feel the ‘volcano’ Mt. Fuji. Subashiri trail is also good, less crowded till 8th station. Subashiri trail is gentle uphill compared to Fujinomiya trail.

About mountain huts

It depends on the mountain hut.

Fees are different depending on the hut, ranging from 8,000 to 12,000 yen, plus 1,000 or 2,000 yen on Saturdays and a day before national holidays.

All of huts offers dinner and breakfast. Lunch is available only limited huts.

Please see here for the list of mountain huts.

Normally not. We advise you to bring a portable battery charger with you.

Very limited space is available. a few things we need to be careful are: Not to make much noise, to set your mobile on manner mode, prepare your backpack before sleeping not after waking up etc.

Planning & Preparation for Mt. Fuji

Yes, you can. Many people climb Mt. Fuji without experience. It is always safer with guides due to weather, mountain sickness, hyperthermia etc are always tricky and dangerous.

I think you can train yourself before challenging Mt. Fuji. Let's start from 30 mins easy walk.Then you can increase the distance slowly. If you carry about 5 kg backpack for the walk, it will be more efficient to Mt.Fuji.

The climate is stable after rainy season and till mid August. It is always better to come on weekdays, not weekend.

It depending on the date. Sunrise is around 4:30 early in July and around 5:15 late August. Especially on weekends, the trail before the peak get very crowded. Please leave the hut you stay a little earlier.

The crater circuit distance is about 3 km and it takes about 1 hour to 1 and a half hours.

What to Bring

20-30L is recommended. Less experienced hikers often carry a big backpack and it gives them extra load. We recommend you bring only the essential goods.

Estimated 20,000 yen. Accommodation fee about 10,000, Shuttle bus 2,000 yen, toilet 2,000 yen, entrance fee 1,000 yen, food and drinks 3,000 yen, plus some extra.

It is depending on the provider, but you can have a signal at the most of area on Mt. Fuji.

Yes. It is useful for ascending but it is more useful for descending.

We advise our guests to bring 3 bottles of water. One need to be consumed before the tour starts and they carry 2 bottles. Every time you consume a bottle, you can buy at a mountain hut.

The temperature is close to 0 degrees and even colder if it is windy or rainy. We recommend you that you can put at least 5 layers including rain wear.

Yes, we connect to a mountain gear rental shop. Normally it costs you around 11000 yen including shoes, backpack, rainwear, Fleece, trekking poles, headlight and gaiters.

It is true that we find a shoe sole on the trail. It is not because of Mt. Fuji is a volcanic mountain. Some people climb Mt. Fuji with old shoes and normally the shoe glue lasts only 5 years.

Whatever you can eat easily to intake salt and sugar efficiently.

I often use plasters for heal and toe blisters. If you have injured on your joints, we advise you to bring some tapes and supporters. If you have any medication given by the doctor, please bring the medicine as well.


1. To climatize for 1 hour at least. 2. To climb slowly 3. To focus on breathing to intake enough oxygen. 4. To intake sufficient amount of water.

It is better not to continue the hike till your symptom get recovered. Drinking water and taking deep breathing are very important. In case your symptom does not get better, it maybe better to discontinue the climb and descend back till you feel bette.

Mt. Fuji trail is simple and well signed along the trail. Still, we need to be careful in the dark or fog. We have seen many people descend down on wrong trail. Please make sure that your descending trail is right or not before descending.

Sanitary (Bathroom & Toilet)

Every mountain huts offer toilet. Some toilets are out of service before season ends.



3 days before the tour date, we shall charge 30% and refund 70%

-1 days before the tour date, we shall charge 50% and refund 50%.

On the tour date, we shall charge 70% and refund 30%

*The bank transfer fee shall be paid by the guests.

*We might cancel the tour subject to the weather condition. We do our best to judge at least a day before, but it may be on the tour date. If the tour is canceled, please reschedule or apply for the cancelation.